Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hoosh Time

Hooshed the top shelf on my way out of the house. Going back to Den Bosh where I purchased the ceramic bottle on the
right side. The label is peeling off since I now store chinese herbs in the bottle. It originally had Jongeve which I never drank since security in Amsterdam made me toss out the liquids. So much for traveling on 2 hours of sleep.

Taking lots of reading, my camera and the lexicon.

There is a wonderful wall posting of art movements in the main building as one walks from the nave into the corridor near the library to the right and the board room to the left. Wanted to photo it as I left tonight, but my camera was in my locker in Hooper 1.

By the time I recouped it, I'd forgotten the impulse.

Almost midnight - had a half a sandwich feed to me by my daughter. Role reversal today.

Off to rest and dream.

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